Sunday, September 16, 2007

That's All She Wrote

It's time.
It has become worrisome, and fills me with a little anxiety. I don't do anxious so well.
I'm sad about it simply because I enjoy thinking about what I want to share, and what I want to write about.
Possibly another blog later...till then Cheers everyone.

Afternoon Muse

This weekend has played out in much the same way as the last three have.
The kids spend the night somewhere, and I work & play.
Friday night was the Bloc Party show.

The evening found me in a supreme mood. The boys from across the pond rocked my ass off. And the boys...oh they were everywhere, dancing closely all around me . Being this undersexed is a bit dangerous.
Oh sorry, did I just shake my ass a centimeter from your cock?
Damn, did my hair fly in your your face?
Opps, I had to grab your arm, I nearly fell!
The smile on my face was getting wider by the minute.
I'm sure I could have gotten away with stealing a kiss from one.
Oh, I thought about it alright.
Of course I didn't....too bold, especially with some random hot concert goer.

Jesus Christ I'm delirious.

All I can seem to think about is naked sex.
Sex that's easy, and not suffocating in rubber.
Lots and lots of naked sex, over and over. Linguine legs in the morning, and a gallon of orange juice. Blazing cheeks from fresh am stubble. Just 10 more minutes. Morning musings exchanged across the pillows. Lazy eggs, and contented sighs.

Then what? What happens next?

I can barely recall naked sex.
Well there was Berlin the summer before last, we were nearly naked that week.
And we did it once with Viagra 3 years ago. I had demanded Nutmeg sex and foreplay. That little blue pill was the only way it could be achieved.

I sure have a lot of sorting to do.